WELCOME TO THE HAUS OF FUN... Step into a world where fashion is fun, and more is more...

Dazzle & Jolt create colourful, playful printed apparel and statement jewellery for those not afraid to stand out! Lycra-wear and unisex t-shirts feature bright and bold illustrated all over prints with a graphic twist, inspired by travel, nature and a love of big cats! Bringing you printastic party-wear, festival fashion and colourful casual looks for lovers of good times and good vibes.


Hi! I'm Jess, the owner and designer of Dazzle & Jolt, based in London, UK.

I am a huge believer in expressing yourself through what you wear, and that colours can really lift your mood (and other people's - I am stopped regularly by strangers to be told 'you've really brightened my day')! My aim is to make things that make you feel happy - because dopamine dressing is real baby :)

All the prints are designed and illustrated by myself, so all the fabrics I use are unique to Dazzle & Jolt. I started doing this many years ago, back in 2014, alongside full time graphic design work. I loved the idea of having the freedom to create designs that I wanted to wear, and have always been super interested in the relationship between graphic design/illustration and fashion (I even wrote my final essay at uni about it). Starting Dazzle & Jolt was the perfect way for me to explore this - some may call it 'wearable art'.


It's absolutely wonderful seeing peoples reactions to my colourful wares in real life, and I love meeting customers and seeing the joy it brings them!
Dazzle & Jolt trades annually at music festivals under 'The Haus of Fun' - a small collective with 2 other independent designers I set up in 2021. This year we were at Glastonbury and Wilderness, and I was also at Shambala in the 'Fashpack' tent.
I exhibited at the London Illustration Fair in 2022 and will be back again in 2023.


It is so important to me for my brand to be as sustainable and ethically made as possible and I am very much a supporter of 'slow fashion'.
Here are some of the ways I run a sustainable, eco conscious brand:
- I switched to using a recycled lycra a few years ago, which is made from regenerated ocean waste such as discarded fishing nets
- The fabrics are all printed here in the UK
- The garments are cut and sewn here in the UK by my seamstress/her small team, who also has her own small fashion business
- I have switched my T-Shirt manufacturing in the last few years - the fabric is now recycled polyester and they are made and printed in the UK. (Due to the nature of the print method used, the t-shirts must be made from man made fabric, as it doesn't come out well on natural fabrics).
- The printing method itself is eco friendly - there is minimum wastage as the designs are transferred to the fabric using heat, so no dye gets into the water systems.
- I try to reduce fabric waste by putting fabric off-cuts to good use, often in collaboration with other designers/brands e.g accessories and headwear designers.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions, or just want to say hello!

Peace, love and rainbows,

Jess X